Midlothian Science Festival

Midlothian Science Festival

Midlothian Science Festival

 12 March 2016

The mission of the festival is to inspire and engage visitors in science and discovery and build trust between local science centers and local communities. It is aimed at encouraging people to look towards these science centers as places of potential employment, and to understand issues of controversy so that they might become informed citizens involved in decision making. More importantly, the medium of the festival invites curiosity and communicates the power of knowledge. Using creativity to change perspective, it raises the aspirations of local children and cultivates the next generation of scientific explorers.

Midlothian Science Festival ran for the first time in 2012. There were over 30 events, with more than 100 volunteers at 17 locations. Over 1000 people attended.

In 2014, the event was attended by a diverse audience of more than 8000 people.

Researchers participating in the events in 2015 include:

Behzad Soltanbeigi (ESR 11)

Tim Najuch (ESR 12)

Yousef El-Hasadi (ER 1)

Website: midlothiansciencefestival.com

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