Fete de la Science, 2015 - UTC, France

Fête de la Science 2015

Fete de la Science, 2015 - UTC, France

 13 March 2016

Fête de la Science is an annual event in France which enables interaction between the scientific community and the general public. It is a perfect opportunity for doctoral students in Science to be involved in public engagement. The event acts as a great medium for the general public to access this knowledge and to be informed of the latest research in research intensive universities like the University of Technology of Compiegne (UTC). It is expected to host more than 10,000 people over 5 days, from 7-11 October, 2015. 

T-MAPPP will be represented by ESR 8 - Somik Chakravarty who will be exhibiting an experimental model of a 2-D silo to illustrate common flow problems associated with flow of bulk solids in a silo.

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